Benefits of organic dog food

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Are you having dogs and puppies; then do go through some important information

Having dogs and puppies is not enough. There is needed to take proper care of these by supplementing proper nutrition and vitamins. For the purpose one need to first understand the diet of these and provide them with high quality digestible solid food. These organic dog food are designed under expert supervision to help the dogs and puppies get best of their health. These generally are a mixture of cereal, milk powder and mineral and vitamin supplements that are given. After weaning you should feed your growing puppy for five times a day. At the age of three months with feeding them thrice a day which is suggested. These dogs and puppies after a time of 6 months feed on pooch two times a day and that must sufficient.

Organic food power:-

This organic dog food that contains no preservatives, antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. But it does happen that these organic foods contaminated with commercialization that has caused a spike in the sales of the organic dog food. These are making a growth in sales up to three times faster than organic food products for humans. Even there are dog owners are leery of organic dog food. The reason varies with affordability and that is going to improve the dog’s health.

Benefits of organic dog food:-

The organic dog food is considered quite healthier in comparison to the normal and conventional foods. These are completely devoid of synthetic chemicals and are restricted to the amount of organic insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. These are mostly rich in protein and are considered supreme ingredient to help the dogs and puppies grow the best of their health conditions.

Satisfying the nutritional requirement:-

These organic dog food are rich in energy and protein which vary at different stages of life from a puppy to an adult dog. At the early stage of growth the new organs and tissues are developing. So the protein requirement is high. The highest growth is considered during the time of first four to five months. There are some significant amino acids like that of methionine and lysine. There are usually present in limited amount in vegetarian diet. If animal proteins like that of meat or egg are includes a long diet then dog’s gets sufficient amount of required amino acids. The nutrient requirement for medium size of around 5 kg are like dry matter of 50 g per kg body weight, protein of 9.6 g per kg of body weight, energy of 274 kilocalorie per kg of body weight. The nutrient requirement of an adult dog varies for an adult dog with dry matter of 12- 15 g per kg body weight, protein of 3- 4 gm per kg body weight, energy of 135 kilocalorie per kg body weight.

The dietary needs of animals belong to the breed and their order varies and evens eating plant material or a combination of meat and plants. The dietary needs of the dogs also depend on their tooth structure and the intestinal tract that is adoptive to their omnivorous diet.

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