Guide for Buying a Washable Dog Bed

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A canine is one of the best (and the most loyal) companion you can have for yourself. But there are some additional responsibilities that you have to see through once your pet gets old. Like us, they start losing control over certain bodily function. A number of pet owners have turned to waterproof dog mattress to address this issue. For by continuing to lie in the wet, it may fall prey to some health hazards. But that is not it; there are a number of other things that you have to consider before you buy a bed for your dog. In this article, we list them out for you.

The factors that comprise a good bed are:

  • Removable cover: At an age when they are not as able as they used to be, the canine that has been your companion for so long can start to lose bladder control. Frequently washing his bed sheets and covers can be both tiring and impractical. One of the biggest benefits of having or buying a washable dog bed is the fact that you can change the cover if and when you think necessary. Then at the end of the week you can wash them all at once and keep in rotation all the week round.
  • Affordable price:Do not go overboard with your budget. You can look for products in a very wide range. They might all be suitable for your purpose but go for the one that is most apt for your budget. Remember that there are a lot more expenses that come with buying a bed for your dog. Do make a consideration for them before you lock your finance.
  • Light weight:Your dog is not habitual to remaining in one place for a long time. So why should its bed be? In making your pick, try to choose the one that is easy to move around and relocate. Buying one that is comfortable but too sturdy will make your job more difficult than it has to be. Having a light weight bed will be easy to carry and clean.
  • Comfortable material:As pertaining to the bed, it is the place where your pet will spend a majority of his or her time. Be sure that the material used in making the mattress is a comfortable one. It should not be so soft that it sinks to the ground every time it takes a nap nor be so hard that there is no distinction to separate it from the floor.
  • Structure:Most of the washable beds available in the market do not come with an orthopedic structure. They are just a square of mattress that is fixed on top of a block. Try to look for beds that provide a surrounding (a covering) to give a sense of security to the dog. In absence of which it might feel anxious and be unable to sleep.
  • Easy to clean:The whole purpose of a washable dog bed will be defeated if it is not easy to clean. Due to a medical condition, old age or bad dreams (as it sometimes happen) the dog might not be able to retain control of its bowel movements. Also, in the initial years when they have not been properly trained, they have no inkling to go outside for a break. They discharge where they sleep and the owner is left to clean it up afterwards.
  • Orthopedic foam:In addition to being a waterproof dog mattress, it has to have an orthopedic foam base. Such foam adapts to the body requirements of the animal and ensures that it gets the maximum amount of comfort in the bed. The sleeping posture is preserved to adjust into the following night. It is also good for the old joints and pains of a dog.

The latest for them too:

Why should the comforts of human world be kept limited to humans only?  Here are certain additional features that you might want to look for while selecting a bed for your dog:

  • Memory foam:The latest innovation in mattresses for people. There is no reason why it should not find its way into the bed for dogs. All it does is remembers the last posture that the animal got up in and preserves it for the next session. At the time of taking a nap, your dog feels far more comfortable going back to the posture it woke up in than to rearrange the bed to suit its needs. Moreover, the movements at one side of the bed will not create any disturbance at the other side of it.
  • Warming beds:In winters, you will reap the dividends of your choice. At a time when you are not warm enough yourself, it gets difficult to maintain the bodily warmth of your pet. If you have been using an ordinary bed, you pet must be shivering in cold unless you have provided a number of blankets to keep it warm. Either that or you can opt for a bed that keeps itself warm and at the right temperature regardless of what it is like on the outside.
  • Stain resistant: Old dogs are not too prone to know when they have to get up in the middle of the night. Caring for your pet in its old age is one of the responsibilities that you undertake when you decide to adopt it. But that does not mean that it should be hard on either one of you. Using a stain resistant bed will keep it clean for your pet to cuddle back in no matter the number of times he/she gets it dirty.

Because they are special too:

Those who have never had a pet of their own cannot appreciate the beauty of the relation that exists between a dog and its owner. There are so many ways it has shown its love in, it might be the time for you to give some of it back.

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