Homemade dog food that can save your dog’s life

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Homemade dog food that can save your dog’s life

According to the research food and pet food recall that has claimed the lives of dogs across the United States as because of the contamination of chemicals and others that affect the food. The commercial foods are tainted with stuffs like aminopterin which is actually a rat poison. There are chemicals which are used in making plastics and fertilizers and these are added to the commercial foods. Due to this the dog owners consider preparing homemade dog food which is safe and nutritious alternative for the dogs.

Essential ingredients for making dog food:-

Dogs are animals that always are active and friendly with basic formula for a nutritionally balanced healthy homemade dog food diet which is around 50 %. You also need to add 25 % vegetables which are finely chopped, pureed or can even be grounded. The reason for this is to help with easy digestion. This also needs to contain around 25 % grains like that of brown rice or oat meal. Then to make it a complete package there are additional supplements like vitamins, minerals and oils that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This combination is the best because it is going to help with providing a healthy skin that would coat the dog skin and also help with growth of good amount of fur.

What other can you feed:-

You can also feed your dogs with some homemade dog food which would help their dogsto get best of health. Some of the best ones are like:-

  • Chicken, turkey, fish and beef which are rich in a good amount protein and the meat is considered way to get it. Meats are going to make the best of pet’s diet. This is going to make the best combination.
  • The eggs can also be a significant option which is a great backup protein source. There are chances of getting infection to raw eggs so then you can have the scrambled or hard boiled to avoid contamination and make your safe recipes with unsafe ingredients.
  • You can also chopped fresh veggies which are essential and trace vitamins and minerals or all sorts which are inside the veggies. The best it promotes is digestion and is surely to finely chop or puree them. Go with dog favorite like celery, kale, zucchini and cucumber, pea and spinach and that is surely going to serve puppy and dogs with pleasure.
  • The starches are also good to certain extent and many people fail to include it. So the starch is energy producing like those of baked or boiled potatoes and some brown rice in a steamed format.

What can you avoid:-

It is must that you should provide high quality and a perfect protein rich diet to the dogs. For the reason you have to select the home made dog food. These must be free from harmful components, chemical and toxins which are going to let the food lose its freshness. More over you should avoid commercialized foods which are hazardous to health.

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