How to save your dog when bitten by another dog

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How to save your dog when bitten by another dog

There are many chances of complications to arise when your dog is bitten by another dog. It’s the saliva of the dog and other animals that contains a good amount of bacteria that is going to quick infect a would. The risk of infection can be great and if your dog is bitten by any animal you should take him to the veterinary section. The doctor will provide with disinfect the wound and treat the injury to protect your pet from some potential health risks.

How to take care of dogs:-

To take care of the dogs bitten by another dog. This is must that you can take care of dogs with following to the way:-

  • The first thing you need to do is to remove the dog and yourself from the situation. You must not try and put yourself between two fighting dogs to which you will likely get bitten if you do.
  • Do try to get the contact information of the dog from the owner, but if this is not possible do list down the description of the person and you could also write down the description of pet that the dog is bitten , note down the breed, weight and any markings.
  • Do take the pet to the veterinarian that need to be evaluated and this need to be sorted if the injury is minor or major.
  • Do check and make sure that the pet’s rabies vaccination is currently taken and if the other dog has been vaccinated for rabies.

When one dog bitten by another dog, there are chances of severe damage and that may not be obvious. Even though you get a couple of teeth marks in it, the crushing force of the bite can cause huge damage to the underlying tissues which is not immediate but is prior to be seen after a long time.

Treating the dogs in best way:-

In case of dog bitten by another dog is a common cause of trauma and these results from altercation with other dogs. These are indeed called the puncture wounds and do appear small they do spell big troubles for the dog. The reason is their deceptive nature that lies in the face that while the external would that is small. There is high risk of infection with bite wounds because of the numerous bacteria that are normally harbored in the animal mouth.

Because the surface wound is usually small it tends to heal the tiny puncture wound that closes up usually within a day or two. The dog bites are usually shallower and the external wound and typically bigger than that of other animal bites.

Controlling dog bleeding from bite wound:-

To control bleeding from dog bitten by another dog is by applying a clean towel or wash cloth to the wound and then apply a firm pressure. The dog bites tend to bleed more than other animals and this depends where the bite is located. Wound is the highly vascular ear and the nose tends to bleed a lot while legs and trunks might not bleed.

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