How to Undertake Aggressive Dogs Training

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Aggression is one of the most common and most serious problems that pet owners around the world experience. Those who own dogs, in particular, bear the brunt of this activity more. Dogs generally display aggression while guarding their territory, defending themselves or their children. Now aggression is abnormal response in situations that warrant it, but exhibiting undue hostility towards people or other animals is when things start to get problematic. If you are experiencing any such difficulty you should try approaching a trained professional who might be able to help you with aggressive dogs training. They might diagnose what is wrong.

The cause of aggression

For many dogs, the display of aggression can become a way of letting go of their energy. Lack of exercise in some breeds may cause them to behave this way. For animal on animal aggression, it is a power struggle. They are trying to find out who the pack leader is. Many owners resort to aggressive measures themselves to punish their pets, this is unadvisable. You can adopt one of the following (or all of them) to train your dog to behave properly:

  • Sleeping: By judging the sleeping position, your dog establishes its identity. If you allow your dog to sleep on the bed, naturally it has presumed that it is the alpha. Try changing its sleeping location. Your dog must be made to earn its rightful place, with every little improvement you can award your dog with a better position to sleep in.
  • Meals: By regulating the time you feed your dog at, you can establish your position as the alpha. Have your meal before you feed your dog. As the behavior of the dog improves, you can progress to feeding him at the same time as you eat. This way, the dog will know that you are in charge of its food and learn to respect you over time.
  • Leash: This comes into play when you have to establish yourself as the master of its movement. You might have to use the leash inside the home as well, so you control where you want it to. You can restrict its movement by taking it along with you where you go. Use collars that do not choke the dog, you can keep them off furniture without being too cruel.
  • Playing with toys: When it comes to playing with your dog, be sure that you place its toys at a height. That way, you will be the one who hands over the toys. Do not chase your dog but wait for it to bring it back and then put it away.
  • Muzzles: If your dog is verbally aggressive, try using a muzzle. It will help establish control over its aggression.

Man’s best friend:

They are man’s best friend but many a times, aggressive dogs training becomes necessary to ensure they are well behaved. You cannot share your accommodation with an aggressive animal, sooner or later it will end up harming you.

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