Potty Training a Puppy with a Crate

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There are diverse ways to house train a puppy. Training your puppy – using a crate is one of such ways that has been found to be very effective.

Potty training a puppy with a crate can be highly efficient as it helps to quickly speed up the process and certainly make things easier&cleaner!

Some people think that using crate might seem cruel, however be aware that dogs do have natural instinct & somehow feel safe and secure in enclosed spaces. The use of crate offers such security when used correctly.

Far from the thought of seeing it as cruel using crate, this method of training offers loads of benefits to both the dog and its owner.Crate helps to speed up learning for puppies and it keeps them safe at home even when you travel. This training tool and technique offers your dog a place to call their own. This is the perfect spot where they can escape to when they need some quiet and peace.

The 2 fundamental principles of potty training your puppies are based on:

Trying to praise and reward them when they go to toilet at the right spot or location where you have chosen for them (this could be indoor or outdoor).

Trying to prevent them from doing this just anywhere you don’t want them to toilet; generally anywhere within the home.

When you praise them for getting it right, you will directly be encouraging them to repeat such act when they feel pressed. And when you prevent them from visiting the wrong spot, this will help prevent them from forming bad habits. Once a habit is formed, it becomes a way of life – meaning your puppy is properly house trained.

The surest and quickest way to potty train your puppy is to have its toilet positioned at the right spot every time and to always leave the toilet at such spot. Using a crate for this purpose will get you close to achieving quick result in this context.

Dogs are naturally clean pets and they love to keep their territory clean when they are taught to do so. Using a crate for potty training helps them tap into their natural instinct to want to keep their environment clean, particularly by not urinating or eliminating waste in there. After all, your dog wouldn’t like to lay and sleep in its own mess.

If you can’t easily supervise your dog, you can use its natural instincts to your favor by assigning it its place in its crate. Your puppy will learn not to eliminate wrongly but will wait for you to lead it to its toilet spot.

Remember as you use this method, always praise and reward them for doing the correct thing as this will encourage repeat performances.

Using crate will help reduce the chances of your puppy making errors. It will help them learn to control their bowel and bladder!

Your puppy will live cleaner, and you will be happy…

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