The most popular Small Dog Breed across the Globe

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The most popular small dog breed across the globe

Dogs are amongst the most adorable and cute animals who are loved by all. But due to unwanted circumstances the small dogs are fading away from the society. So many different breeds are even hard to keep with being tracked. If you go back to the research sources you would find there are almost 100’s of smallest dog breed in the world. Apart from that with the grooming population and the high class living style the ultimate choice that has been considered is to rear a small dog. They are always better because they are going to make a great companion and would let you have a comfortable life with such adorable pets. These are having huge breeds that are not just small but have different temperaments and characteristics.

Look into some best breeds:-

Let’s look into some of the best and adorable smallest dog breed in the world. These are:-

  • Chihuahua :-

This breed is famous with celebrities like Paris Hilton who carries the pet where ever she moves. These dogs are the smallest dog breed in the world and that is never displayed in their temperament. These dogs bark like those of large dogs and are even aggressive like them.  When it’s about training they are quite stubborn and are quite difficult to be trained.

  • Yorkie:-

This is the second most popular dog breed across America. These dogs are loyal, quite energetic, loving and are highly intelligent. These do have long, flowing hair which makes them appear in social functions. If we look into the behavioral aspect of these dogs, then these are notorious for their intelligence level and can learn commands much faster than any other dog breeds. Some of the techniques are like lyingdown, standing up, go fetch the ball, hand shake, site and other kind of actions.

  • Poodle :-

These are often used in dog shows. They are considered among the probable breed which are most elegance. They have a regular coat on their body with professional grooming to keep their high class look. These dogs don’t shed as much as like other dog breeds. These can be taught with some excellent tricks like lying down, standing up, fetching techniques, hand shake, sit and many other kinds of techniques.

  • Pug :-

These are cute with a wrinkly face and are considered as among the smallest dog breed. They are very social dogs and do adapt well with other people and animals. The pugs are energetic and loving with difficulty in potty training.

  • Bichon frise:-

These dogs are around 12 pounds in weight and are 11 inches in height. These are considered to be a great representative of the class. These dogs are comfortable in water and have quite an attractive structure.

  • The Chinese crested powder puffs:-

These breeds are approximately 13 inches in height and weight around 12 pounds. The breeds are quite interesting and are considered intelligent. They have a fine coat that needs timely grooming and it must be ensured that they don’t go for mating.



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